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Welcome to TOPOS

TOPOS is a bilingual international journal which focuses on the relation between space, cultural, literary, and social studies in material, political, geographical and historical contexts. It aims to connect as well as build a community of scholars working in various disciplines in the humanities interested in exploring how the spatial turn within social studies may encourage an invigorating dialogue in an inter- and cross-disciplinary setting for scholarship.

TOPOSseeks to mine the interpretative power of space from the level closest in, the human body, and all through the various scales of human spatiality (a room of one’s own, the home, regions, countries, continents, geo-cultural allegiances). Ultimately, while recognizing the discursive construction of space, we wish to explore the multifaceted ways to address the locatedness of individuals as social beings as well as their performance in communities, networks, and cultures that cannot be described with the help of territorial metaphors.

TOPOS understands ‘space’ broadly and seeks essays, articles, studies, critiques, and reviews which encourage a fresh dialogue and the exploration of new insights.

TOPOS, a Central Europe-based journal, is published as a result of the efforts of scholars working in various disciplines driven by the conviction that no scholar can lose sight of the immediate and the local as well as of the international and the global since the interconnections of these work towards both the homogenization and the differentiation of our disciplines.

TOPOS is published semi-annually in a hard copy side by side with a virtual edition in acknowledgment of, and welcoming, the ever more global scope and perspectives of our disciplines. Special issues focus on specific topics complied by invited guest editors.

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